How do you do acrostic poems you might ask? Well I will tell you. Okay, so you have to pick a word, then you write your chosen word horizontally down the page of your copy. Then you have to pick sentences for each letter you do. Always make sure you make a funny interesting poem that really grabs somebody’s attention. And that is how you make your own acrostic poem.


Paranormal entity

Horrifying signs

A never ending nightmare

Never see it but can see signs

To here to there everywhere

Oh so very scary

My mind is going insane

By Jack S


Fireworks can be dangerous
It’s hazardous for you and me.
Rises high into the sky then it
With gaudy sparks
Oh my, it’s so beautiful’’, everyone
Replies and not
Knowing how much danger it could be.
So be careful with them on Halloween.

By Collins D


Screaming in fear because
Candy is not there
Rancid apples and bananas crawling like
Earwigs in your bag
Ah you scream
My sweets have disappeared.

By Corey S