It is a new year in sixth class and that means we start a lot of new things including, big projects, new teachers and for PE, boxing. Every Friday two boxing coaches come in and show us a few new boxing skills. Our PE coaches are called Ed and Mick from Esker BC, they are very funny and skillful. We have the Bronze Boxing Program that the sixth class boys are doing at the moment, the Silver Boxing Program is when you train in the National Stadium, and the Gold Boxing Program is to box in the National stadium against other boys in different schools.

Ed and Mick have been training our boys for six years now. Now all the boys can’t wait to go down to the hall for boxing every Friday morning or afternoon. We are starting to get physical with each other and hopefully a few of the boys from our class can get chosen to fight against boys from other schools.

There are a lot of boxing clubs all around Dublin. I’m sure Ed and Mick would love for you to go down to their boxing club called Esker Boxing Club and there are a lot more in Crumlin and Drimnagh too. Boxing is a great sport and a good way to stay fit and healthy. I hope to keep everybody up to date with all the activities in the Castle throughout the year!

By Charlie