The boys in R.15 have finished reading the Novel Tom Crean ‘Ice Man’. Tom Crean was a famous Antarctic Explorer who was also a hero that saved men on each expedition.

He was an Irish legend who explored the Antarctic and fought in the First World War and even opened a pub called “The South Pole Inn”.  After all that he was also a father to three daughters.

Tom went on his third expedition on a ship called “Endurance” where he got trapped in the ice. He was there for more than 2 years and was the most experienced person there along with Shackleton. These two men were very experienced but they couldn’t look after all of their inexperienced crew … or could they. They spent about 18 months on the “James Caird” before finding civilisation.

We really recommend this book to anybody who might want to learn about one of the bravest and heroic Irish men of all time.


By Conor Redmond and Johann Mathew, Room 15.