The Grumpy Dog

By Room 13


Down past the river there lived an old hound;

The problem was that he wasn’t so sound.

He’d bite and he’d bark

And he’d howl after dark,

He’d deliberately burst dogs’ balls at the park.


He sat at the bridge with his head in his paws,

Trying to work out his loneliness cause.

“I’ve no friends to run with,

I’ve no pals to see.

Why won’t anyone knock in for me?”


The other dogs watched him ranting again,

“He’s been there giving out since quarter past ten.

If only he’d learn how to smile and to share,

Maybe he’d have a friend that would care.”


They decided to teach him, to play and fit in,

They went and they found him, his snout in the bin….

“We don’t like to see you feeling alone,

And so we’ve decided to throw you a bone.”


The truth is that you’re a bit of a grump,

(The reason you’re hunting alone at the dump)

We know you don’t mean it,

We know you feel sad,

And this makes us feel incredibly bad.


Please mend your ways, please learn to play,

Having you join us would make our day.

We want you smiling, we want a new friend,

We think that we’ll be able,

On you – to depend.