We are learning tag rugby in Drimnagh castle. The man that teaches us is called Gareth. Gareth will be teaching us for 6 weeks. Tag rugby is rugby with a belt and you have two tags on the belt you are wearing. If you get a tag pulled off you keep the ball but if you get tagged three more times you give the ball to the other team. You can only get a try in tag rugby. If you get too many tries Gareth will say you are not to score any more.

The first team to four on the first match wins. The first team to six on the last match wins. There are blue tags and white tags. There are usually four teams. In tag it is against the rules to throw the ball forward. If you do you will have to give the ball to the other team. 5th class does tag rugby on a Thursday. You have to wear spare clothes when you are doing tag rugby.  Drimnagh castle has only been doing tag rugby for 2 weeks. There is another 4 weeks left to go. We always play a game to warm up before we play the real game. It starts off with one rugby ball and you can only take three steps but when the game gets longer more rugby balls start coming in to the game. If you get caught you are put on the team that is catching everyone the last person gives everyone else a challenge for an example like 15 press ups or 24 jumping jacks. Everybody in Drimnagh castle loves Gareth and everyone loves tag rugby.

By Nathan