In room 13 we were helping other countries by helping team hope fill shoeboxes, with LOTS of things   like toys , food ,clothes , washing equipment [soap]  and other things like them. We also sent a picture of all the boys in our class. We’re not allowed to put liquids in the box or food that goes off in a few days. Only a few boys packed up the shoeboxes and the rest wrote a report about it. Alice brought the boys out to help her.  We will find out who our shoeboxes went to soon. They will give the shoeboxes to children who never got one before. We will also find out what countries our shoeboxes went to. We could bring in our own shoebox already filled with stuff. They got sent in November 2017.  There is a video of the boxes getting sent last year and all the children opening them.  We collected loads of stuff for the boxes. You can help poor countries too. The shoeboxes are kind of an early Christmas present. It feels great to help others.

By Evan

Room 13