This year the boys went to Santry to complete in relays and sprints and did the school proud. First up for our school was Rhys from 4th class as he got into the semi finals in sprints but unfortunately was knocked out. Next was Aaron from rm 9. Aaron started off well but couldn’t keep it up and was knocked out in the first round. Rhys from rm 27 had a bad start and couldn’t keep up with the other competitors. Next was our last sprinter Brandon from rm 27 Brandon got into the semi finals but he didn’t start well and came 3rd which, in Santry 2018 wasn’t enough to qualify.

Next was our relays. first up was u-10 who had got a great start but couldn’t keep it up and came third by a small bit. Then the u-11’s had their turn. they couldn’t have had a better start  but came third as well. The u-12 boys were next up. They got  great encouragement by Ms Byrne and James from rm 26. They came 2nd in their first race but didn’t quite make it into the semi-finals.Our last relay was the u-14 who had got to the semi finals but were knocked out. When we got back to the school Ms Byrne and Ms Sweeney kindly got us ice cream and went back to class.

Aaron from Ms Tarpeys class competed in the 600 m race and had kept his energy for the last bit  to overtake 4 people to achieve his gold medal. That means he is the fastest u-11 boy in Dublin over 600 meters.  He is the first boy since 2012 to win a gold medal from our school.

It was a great day

The boys did the school proud.

by;Mark.C and Charlie.H