On Tuesday, the 11th of February, our class went to the GPO. We got the 151 bus into town. We got off and walked past the O’Connell Statue and the Spire. Then we went into the GPO. First, we went through the actual post office, and then walked through a door to a small room. We all got headsets that were handed out by the tour guide so that we could hear what they were saying. Then we went down into the actual museum. We saw the Proclamation, the soldier’s uniforms and different guns. We figured out that the Proclamation was full of mistakes because it was typed in a rush. We also figured out that the walls were 4 foot wide and made out of granite, so that the bullets couldn’t go through the walls. The tour guide also told us that there were scouts that hid plans in the handlebars on their bikes. We got to see what the scouts looked like. We also got to see a mini-film about the Easter Rising. It shows what buildings they took over and the people involved. We got to go look around, and then we went up to a small café to eat our lunch. We got the bus down to Costa on the Long Mile Road, and got hot chocolate! Then we walked through the front gate and it was very funny because some people thought that school had finished. We got to watch a film for the rest of the day. It was a great day!

By Jared and Calum, Rm 14.