This is my introduction about 5th class:
In 5th class we do Maths stations. Every Maths station takes about 10 mins. We have two independent stations and two stations with teachers. In the two independent stations there is a game called Rummy ,which is a card game and it is really fun! We used do it in pairs but now we do it independently. We have a dealer, which gives out the cards. The dealer gets eight cards and everybody else gets seven .Then in the other independent station we do maths.  We have to be really quiet and do our work.

Then we have English stations.We do the exact thing but this time in English! We do handwriting, reading, oral language and free writing in our stations.

We do art too! Our first art piece was our own silhouettes. Our teacher (Mr. Grehan) helped us. He would trace our silhouettes. We had to be in the dark and use Mr. Grehan’s phone light for him to trace our silhouette. Once we had that done we coloured it in. We were allowed to use markers ,colouring pencils and crayons.

I forgot to mention in English we composed Limericks. If you are thinking what is a Limerick, it is a poem. I will explain a Limerick to you:
Lines 1,2 and 5 have to rhyme with each other. Lines 3 and 4 have to rhyme with each other too! On the last word in the 5th line it has to be the same word as the last word in the 1st line. Here is an example:

There was a band called Lumber,
Whose music did really slumber,
They burst eardrums,
Crowds didn’t come,
That terrible band called Lumber.

And here’s one more:
There was a man named Jerry,
Whose legs were very hairy,
So he shaved his legs,
And ate some pegs,
That hairy man named named Jerry.

Then next we did animal leaves because it was Autumn. Mr. Grehan went outside and got us lots of leaves. We could use any type of leaves we wanted to.There were big leaves and some small leaves. We had to try and use the leaves and make any animal we wanted to. There were  fish, mice, dogs and a cat too.

The next art piece was the best (in my opinion) .We got do paiper-mache. This time it wasn’t Mr. Grehan who gave us the idea, it was Ms. Duffy! We are now in the stage of painting our paiper-mache. So when we got our masks we had to cover the mask in newspaper with wallpaper paste. We had to do approximately three layers of newspaper over the mask so it can be thick.

Finally we had to do our presentations. The presentations were all about standing facing towards the class for at least five minutes. All of our presentations were a great success! My presentation was about cricket. There was many more presentations like Lego, Football, Pakistan and the Philippines.

This was my introduction to Fifth Class, I hope you enjoyed, check out our photo gallery before you go!
Johan George