In room 15 we learned about reading and writing reports. We found out that the purpose of report writing is to document, organise and store information. We got an opportunity to write our own reports on a topic that interested us. We had great fun looking up the internet to help us find out some information and facts on our topics.



The lynx is an animal.

The lynx looks like a cat because it is in the feline family.

A lynx has great eyesight. It can spot a mouse up to 75 meters away.

There are four types of lynx throughout the world. They are the Eurasian lynx, the Iberian lynx, the bobcat lynx and the pardinus lynx.

Lynx’s are carnivorous. Their favourite animal to hunt is the snowshoe hare.

The lynx is a national animal for the republic of Macedonia.

By Vic

(Rm 15)