In Rm 15, we wrote poems, using a method called the poetry machine. Here is the following strategy we used

1     Writing a noun


2      Then a fact about the noun.

3      Write three adjectives to describe the noun.

4      A simile to describe the noun.

5      Another simile.

6      Write how you feel about it.

7      Write a simile.

8      Repeat the noun.

9      Express an important idea that the noun makes you think of.

We had great fun imagining that we were poets. Here are some examples of the poems we wrote.

The Empire State

The Empire State

Found in America

Large, tall, fascinating

As high as the sky

Like a finger pointing to heaven

It makes us feel small

Like a grain of salt

The Empire State

Reminds us we are tiny

Carl – Rm 15



Startling sound made by clouds

Fierce, loud, frightening

Like a stick beating a snare drum in the Heavens

Like clouds roaring in pain

It makes you jump like a frog

As weak as a mule


Reminds us of lightening’s anger.


By Jomo – Rm 15