Before the Halloween break, Mr. Conaghan told us we were going to make papier mâché masks. He told us that day for homework to bring in newspapers in order to make them. Once everybody brought them in we got a start on them. Mr. Conaghan called four boys out at a time to do their papier mâché. Maria went down to the Art Room to get the supplies for the art. She got a scissors box, paint brushes, art pallets, glue, water and some extra newspaper in case we ran out.

The first four boys that went out began cuttings medium-sized strips of newspaper that we brought in. The boys then each got a paint brush with glue on it so that we could paint the balloons that we had blown up the day before. First we glued the strips of newspaper onto the balloons. We needed to put on three layers on so they would be strong before we burst them.

After the balloons had been popped by our teacher, we painted them in white poster paint. It only took a couple of hours for them to dry. Three days later, we painted our papier mâché masks in the colours of our choice. We took the masks home as soon as they were dry. Here is a picture of the finished work.

By Sean D and Jamie C

Room 14