As you know, Halloween is known for candy, horror movies and costumes. Well this year I made my own costume. The costume was a huge, heavy and quite frightening Lion Head from the movie “Hercules”! It’s about a man called Hercules, who is the son of Zeus and he is haunted by his tragic past. With the help of a band of followers, he is forced to find his inner hero to hunt down a savage warlord. Back to the costume! It was a two week process and was a really fun project, and the work payed off. I got wonderful comments from a lot of people. We started with a bicycle helmet and then we stuck and glued a bunch of newspapers on then we put some molding paper to position the nose, ears, eyes and the mouth. We let it dry for 24 hours and then we painted the main colours. We also used shredded paper and feathers to make hair. Then I pained the more detailed parts of the lion head like the pupils and the fur.. For the last part, I folded up some labels to make some very scary, sharp teeth. The best part was that everything that I used was from home and not a single penny was used. Most of my costumes are actually made by me! This was my presentation on my Halloween costume! Thank you and I’m looking forward into next year’s Halloween!!!!

By: John G.P.

Room 13