In Mid-June a group of people from Aviva came in to show us how to code using scratch. Scratch is an easy way to learn how to code. It was released back in 2013. On scratch you can make anything you want to and it’s surprising that popular video games such as Minecraft, Fortnite and Flappy bird were made with code as well. When the people were finished explaining the basics of code they told us we would make our own version of Flappy bird. Flappy bird was released in 2013 and at the time it was No. 1 on the charts. The code was very simple and very addicting. It was removed in 2014 for being too addictive and for looking very similar to Mario.

The people from Aviva told us that to locate where you wanted to put your bird you would have to know about co-ordinates. Aviva stated there is a Y axis that goes up/down and an X axis that goes left/right. We started by selecting the flappy bird sprite and placing it around the middle. We then made the bird look like it’s flapping its wings by coding it to switch costumes continuously. At this point we had an animated bird in front of a white background. To make it look less boring we added a blue sky background with green hills. The whole point of flappy birds is that you fly in between green pipes while you’re always falling. To make this effect we made the bird glide downwards by tinkering with the Y axis.

The hardest part was making the pipes because you would have to clone it and delete it shortly after to make a loop. There were different sized pipes so it looked less bleak. The only problem was that sometimes the pipes overlapped each other so you would have to change the time that the pipes start appearing and the place they appear. Lastly we made a scoreboard to make a challenge to ourselves. By doing this the pipes lowered our score but the longer you are alive the more points you get.

My favourite part was when they showed us cool devices. They showed us gadgets such as the Raspberry Pi , Raspberry Pi zero starter kit, Makey Makey, Google AIY voice and an LED disco ball. The Raspberry Pi is a mini computer that is very affordable and has many features that are in a normal computer. There was also a starter kit for it that includes the essentials. The Pi zero is an enhanced version and a bit smaller. The most fascinating gadget was the makey makey which was a joypad which we powered with a potato but you can experiment with other objects. One man from Aviva showed us an LED disco ball which he could switch on and off using his phone. Finally he showed us the google aiy voice that can recognise your voice. A boy from 5th class volunteered to ask it a question and he asked what is the weather later and it said there will be showers. I think coding is great and the people in Aviva were very kind to come in.

By Jasper