We started learning about Christopher Columbus in January 2018 .We found out that he had his biggest voyage in 1492 with 3 ships the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa María. Christopher sailed the Santa María. He bought the 3 ships from the King and Queen of Spain because the Portuguese King and Queen refused. They got inmates for a crew from a Spanish prison. He then set sail for the Spice Islands to get goods such as pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and jewels/jewellery, but ended up in the south of Northern America. Since he thought he was in the Spice Islands he called them the Indies. The area is now known as the West Indies. Seen as the inmates thought they could get treasures they looted the place looking for whatever they could get and bring home, which also meant the Indies were left with nothing. The Indies were nice at first until they saw these new people they have never seen before taking all their belongings. They didn’t know what to do and they were scared. While the inmates were raiding the place, the Santa María was sinking in the Haitian reefs. When they were finished they found out what had happened to the Santa María so Columbus had to leave about 40 inmates behind.

Columbus went back to Spain with the goods he did retrieve and some of the Americans. When he went back across to America the inmates that were left had died from starvation because they didn’t eat the food that was over there.

When Christopher came back to Spain again he brought more Americans, tomatoes, and potatoes. He then shared stories about his adventure with Spain, Portugal, and Italy and that is how we now about him today. We learned all this by reading it from the board, reading it from the book, writing down facts for homework, and researching it on the Internet and writing all the information we can get and then putting it in our copy. On the 31st we started art about Christopher Columbus. We made a map of what we think it was like when he travelled to America. We started by drawing land, his boats, the NEW WORLD in the “America”, and main details, then we got teabags and dabbed them on the paper. We let it dry over-night so it was ready for the next day. Next we got colours coloured what we wanted to colour, then we got sharpies and outlined the land, the boat, and the main details we drew the day before. Then you scrunch the paper up carefully unfold it so it looks old let it set and then you’re done your map art.

By Ronan