Over the past few weeks Colin Sheldon has been coming into Room 15 and here is what we done.

Colin does a program called “Bible Explorer, The Old Testament”. In lesson 1 we learnt about “The Beginning of Everything” and we learnt about Abraham. He had two sons called “Ishmael and Isaac who had 2 sons called Esau and Jacob. The next week for lesson 2 we learnt about “Leaving Slavery and Heading for the Promised Land” and Joseph, who God helped him to free the Jews with the ten plagues and escape from Egypt.  In the 3rd lesson we learned about “What Happens When God Is Ignored”. In lesson 4 we learnt about “Who Is the King of Israel”. Lesson 5 was the last lesson that Room 15 did. It was “Why Don’t They Do as they are told.

So Colin did fun activities with us like getting up and dressing as girls and reading some things from the Bible. Colin did some hand and body signs. We had done up to 74 hand and body signs. If I was Colin I wouldn’t be able to remember all the stuff that he had told us.

I really enjoyed Colin coming into Room 15 and they did too. Colin was a very interesting person. He is very good at what he does.

By Ryan