I am in fifth class. It is brilliant. Our teacher is Mr. Grehan, he is really kind and does loads of fun things with my class. First we learned about the Normans. It was very exciting because most of our class didn’t know anything about it. We all learned loads and then we started to make a motte and bailey castle. Alice and the boys made it. It looks great and the best thing is, it is made out of recycled things.

Then sir told us to make projects in our groups. They are hanging outside are classroom.

For P.E we go out and play G.A.A with Jason. Everybody is always excited to go to P.E. We do skills and do some matches as well.

Every week we do stations either English or Maths. They are always fun to do.

On Fridays we do art, it is very fun. Since the start of the year we have done proportional faces, leaf drawings, a Norman castle and leaf animals.









After that we started friends for life with Ms. O’Brien on Wednesday afternoons. Friends for life is a programme to help us to develop our friendships and to learn to deal with our emotions. We do fun things like the pizza massage and the milkshake breathing. At the end Ms. O’ Brien reads a relaxing story which calms us all down after the fun stuff.

By the boys in Room 12