In room 13 we wrote a book and sent it away to get published. We also drew our own picture and typed it out from our copies. Ms. Timbs and Ms. Baker helped us. All of the other fifth classes were involved as well. We hope that they are going to be ready in time for Christmas. This is the story i wrote for the book. I can’t wait to get the book and read everyone elses story.

Life in Mexico

By Sean Room 13

10 years old, 5th class

IT was the evening of the decision.  My three good friends, Leon, Ben and Rhys and I were strolling about.  I was thinking about something for a while; I had come up with a plan.  Straight away I told Leon, Ben and Rhys about the plan.  I said to them, “We are going into 1st year next year, and this year is our last year in primary school.  I think we should go out with a bang!”

Leon and Ben said, ‘Yeah!”

Rhys responded more worriedly, ‘’Sean, what are you getting at?’’

I answered, “There is no time to explain.  I’ll tell you everything at Ben’s treehouse when we get there.”

At the treehouse, I told the boys my grand plan.  This year was our last year together before getting split up in first year – I wanted us to have a memory we would never forget.  I had watched a programme about four boys who stowed away on a ship and went on an adventure.  I wanted us to do the same!  “I think we should try to go to Mexico!!” I said.  They couldn’t believe what their friend had just said, but finally they agreed.

We all went home and started packing for the adventure.   We couldn’t let our Mams or Dads see, so we were very sneaky about it.   We all went to bed early to get a good night’s rest because we had to get up at 4 a.m. in the morning.

We all met at Rhys’ house because it was closest to Ben, Leon and I.  We all brought our bikes and set off for the airport.  When we got there, we realised we didn’t really know how we would get on to a plane.   We sat down on the airport seats and started panicking.  Was our plan going to work or would we have to go home?

Suddenly, Leon noticed his friend’s older brother who worked in the airport.  Leon went over and had a little chat with him.  He asked him would he let us through to the hangar where the planes were kept.  He gave me a key for the hangar and off we went.

When we opened the door to the hangar, we saw the plane we would be travelling on.  We to go straight to the hold where they kept pets that would be travelling on the plane with their owners.  We crept in and settled down to wait for the plane to take off.  The plane took off.  Leon and Rhys fell asleep on two shih tzus – they were like fluffy pillows.

Ben had a look around and said, “You wouldn’t believe it – I found first class.”

Ben and I shook Leon and Rhys to wake them up and told them what we had found.  We sneaked in and sat in seats to the back so that no one could see us.  Leon and I sat beside each other, and Ben and Rhys sat together.   We relaxed for a few minutes and ordered food straight away because we hadn’t had any breakfast.  Ben ordered five chicken legs and five spicy wings with chips and garlic sauce.  Leon, Rhys and I ordered chocolate cake.

After we ate, we all soon fell asleep.  When we woke up, there was an emergency announcement; we had to make a stop in America.  When we stopped in Chicago airport, we sat in the café in the airport and watched to the T.V. to pass the time.

The show we were watching was interrupted for a news bulletin.  We couldn’t believe our eyes!  Our parents were on the news.  They were crying and praying that we would come back.  We all looked at each other and I said, “We need to get back home.”

Ben asked, “How do we get back home?”  Rhys had an idea.  He had seen an old fashioned jet up for sale.

“Ok, here’s the plan,” I said, “Ben, distract the owner.  We’ll borrow it to get home.”

While Ben told the owner how many Liverpool songs he knew, Leon tried to get the jet started.  Finally it the engine roared.  He smashed through the window and Ben ran to catch up with the jet.  He jumped in and we were up, up and away.  Leon flew the plane; I was the co-pilot and Ben and Rhys were in the back.  It took us six hours.

When we got home, we landed the airplane in the middle of the street.  Our families ran out and they were so delighted to see us, they didn’t even punish us.  They just made us promise we would never run away again!