Today [13/11/20} we did science experiments with Mr C Treacy in room 11.Such as: lava lamps,
magnetic forces and surface tension. We had a week to think of this. Sir sent out lots of links to our
parents on Alladin.I did an experiment on surface tension, by pouring milk into a bowl adding food
colouring and getting washing up liquid, putting it on a stick and gently tapping it on the food
colouring and the liquid exploded, creating a new one.My friend Jack made a lava lamp with: veggie
oil, water salt and red food colouring and because oil is lighter than water and it brought the salt up
to the top of the bottle and creating bubbles. Aldrik made a 7 up bottle into a… well I don’t really
know what to call it so I’ll just describe it.He got a 7 up bottle, a straw, a container and a balloon and
blew up the balloon and put it on top of the bottle and all the air of the balloon transferred all the air
into the bottle, pushing the water into the straw and into the container.That was our science
week…how was yours?

By Danny

Mc Clean