During science week in room 9, we did lots of fun experiments. Here are our two favourites!

Colour changing milk.

We needed: milk, food colouring, cotton buds and washing up liquid.  Method: step 1 put the milk in a bowl. Step 2 put a few different food colourings in the milk. Step 3 put a teaspoon of fairy washing up liquid in the bowl. Step 4 put the cotton bud in the milk. Result: all the colours came into the middle and mixed up! After that we spun the cotton bud around the bowl. Finally it all turned grey.

Air pressure.

We needed: a plastic bag full of water, a sharp pencil: Method: Step 1 you need to poke the pencil half way through the bag. Step 2 you need to shake the bag .Result: water didn’t come out but if you pull the pencil out it will squirt everywhere!

Thank you everyone for reading our blog.

By Sean and Cory.