On the 13th of June 2018 we went on a journey to look around the Camac River. Before we went on our journey a woman named Mary Liz came to our class to talk to us about the river. About half an hour after that we set off on our journey. We walked to a bus stop in Bluebell and took the 13 bus into Town. When we got off the bus we met Mary Liz, Sinead and Eric in a park.

They had set up a task to find out if the water in the Camac River was clean or dirty. There were insects that lived in clean water and dirty water. We then found that the water was not dirty but not clean. It was in between. After that we went on a walk to meet a man named Pat whose nickname was Pat in the hat. He was very funny and made the day a lot more fun. We walked through an alley way to see the Camac for the first time. Then we walked to a different part of the Camac were Eric sang to a bird called a wren. Then the wren sang back.

We walked to yet another alley way where we saw Japanese knotweed which is a plant that grows really fast and  if you chop it down the leaves will grow into the plant again. We also saw Kilmainham jail. Eric found a feather from a bird which was from the left wing. We walked through an alley way that led us to the royal hospital which is now a museum. After that our time was up so we headed back to the school on the luas. When we got back it was home time so we went home.


By Ryan Keogh and Paul Naughton