This week we learned about Magnetism. Magnetism means when something is attracted to metal. If the object is not magnetic it will repel.

First we got into pairs and we made a list of objects we could test. We chose objects like the radiator, pipes, door handle, table, pencils and our school bags. We made predictions on whether the object would be magnetic. Then we tested the objects. We were surprised that the magnet stuck to the wood on the table but then we realized it was the metal underneath the table.

We then tested the north and south poles of the magnets. We were able to see that the north poles repelled each other and the south poles repelled each other. Only the north and south poles were attracted to each other.

Fun facts we learned about magnetism:

  1. Sharks are the best ocean hunters because they can sense other animal’s magnetic field.
  2. Birds use magnetism to help them migrate.
  3. Surgeons can use magnets to safely remove metal from the human eye.
  4. Rollercoasters have magnets to help them stop.
  5. The wings of aeroplanes have magnets.
  6. Maglev train in Shanghai is the fastest train in the world. It floats in the air because of magnets.

We really enjoyed learning about magnets.

Michael and Eoin from Room 9