In room 10 we learned a dance called the Haka Gaelach.  First the whole class watched a video about a rugby team called the all blacks that do a dance called the Haka before they play their matches. Then our teacher said we were going to try to learn it in Irish.

On the first day we practised little bit of the paragraph in Irish and we practised the moves for homework.

The next day we did a bit more of the song in the paragraph in class. We practised what we had learned in class. We only had 5 days left to learn it before we performed on the stage. Two days later we got better and better at the moves and the song. We had to practice for 10 minutes each day. The next day it was time to dance in the stage in the hall. Everyone was in the hall. When we did the Haka Gaelach on stage everyone liked the dance. We started it early and done our haka Gaelach and came back to the hall and watched all of the other shows in the hall.

We were kind of nervous and happy at the same time before we performed on stage. After we were done we felt great. We all enjoyed learning the Haka and hopefully we can learn a new one sometime.

By Aaron and Jesbin