Diary of a wimpy kid is written by the author Jeff Kinney. It’s about a boy named Greg Heffley. One day he went to school with his friend and they decide to write a comic. They made a catchphrase; it was “Zoo wee mama”. Greg said that it was a bad catchphrase. Greg wanted to make his own catchphrase but he couldn’t think of one. Zoo Wee Mama won best catchphrase and Greg couldn’t believe it. Greg and his friend had hot chocolate every day. They had to cross the road with some kids and one day they saw a lady say that Greg’s friend was crossing the road with children but it was actually Greg. The old lady screamed what are you doing with those kids!?. They jumped into a hole. The old lady put a mask on her face. The kids asked if it was an alien. They do lots of adventures and much more!

I would recommend it to others because it’s good. I give it a 6/10.I liked it so much that when I’ve finished, I’ll read the next one. I liked it because of the pictures etc. I have also watched the film adaptation.

By Kyle

Room 13