In room nine we have been reading Charlotte’s web. It is a book about a pig called Wilbur and he was a runt when he was born. A girl called Fern save Wilbur and she raises him like a real baby. They sell the Wilbur to a man called Homer and he is kind of a regular farmer so he treats Wilbur like a regular pig and Wilbur doesn’t like it. Wilbur makes friends with other animals and he meets a grey spider called Charlotte. The rest of the story is about Wilbur and Charlotte. Charlotte treats Wilbur like her son and they are very good friends. It is a really interesting book and it teaches you lots of lessons about friendship.  We would give it eight and a half out of ten and we would recommend you read it if you like books about talking animals or friendship.

We made a summary of Charlotte’s web. Then we got together in groups and chose some interesting words and made a word cloud on a laptop. We picked loads of words that we had never read before. That helped us with our reading and spellings. Also, we changed the size, the font, the colour, the background and the shape of the word cloud to make it look really cool. We saved the word clouds so that we could remember the interesting words.

By Jayden and Thomas.