A Little History of the World is all about what happened in the world from 0 AD to 1987 AD. The author is E.H. Gombrich. The first chapter was about E.H. Gombrich’s life, he was alive during WW1. Then E.H. wrote about some of the world’s greatest inventors like Isaac Newton. He also writes about Napoleon Bonaparte who conquered Italy and France he was from Corsica, an island that was conquered by France just two days after he was born. The next chapter was about the French Revolution. The French Revolution was when the nobles protested against the government. Eventually the nobles got a new government. The guillotine was used during the French Revolution. It was used to chop people’s heads off including Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI [16th]. My favourite chapter was about the terracotta’s that protected the Chinese Empire. I would rate this book a 10/10 and recommend it to anyone that loves history.







By Alex  Rm.10

Fourth Class