We got the bus into town on the 17th of January 2019.
Our class were going to the National Museum of Ireland to visit the Ancient Egypt exhibit. When we were waiting for our tour guide our teachers let us eat our lunch for 10 minutes. After a while we went inside and we were introduced to the tour guide, Patricia but we called her Trisha. We went upstairs to the Ancient Egyptian exhibit and saw lots of cool artifacts. Trisha told us lots of cool facts. We started looking at scarab beetle amulets. Patricia explained that scarab beetle amulets were used to give pharaohs a lighter heart for the journey to the afterlife. Their hearts would be weighed against a feather and if they were light enough this would show if they were worthy of the afterlife. After that, we were on our way to the workshop room. We got to make our own scarab beetle amulets out of clay and bring them home. When we were all finished, we went to the playground to finish off our lunch. We took the bus home and we ended up arriving at quarter past two.
We had a really fun and interesting day. We would give the exhibit and workshop a 10/10!

By Akhil and Harry   Room 8