Yesterday we went on our school tour on the 6th June 2018. We went to UCD (University College Dublin). We had lots of fun. The person that brought us around was called Lisa. The first place we went into was the football pitch. We didn’t play football though. We played with a sliotar and something was connected to it called a flingsock. That`s the game’s name. We fling something to our partner and he has to throw it back and keep doing the same thing. After that we had lunch and after that, we went in these big balls. It is called Zorbing. It was Moad and I up first. A guy rolled us down a big hill. It was a bit scary and after that we went rock climbing. It was super high. We did lots of other activities too. We had our packed lunches outside in the sun. It was a great day and we laughed a lot!