This week was very interesting and fun. On Wednesday we went on an adventure in town. We left school early in the morning and got a bus into town. First we went to the Ancient Egyptian exhibition and we saw mummies, tombs, canopic jars, clay pots and statues of Gods. We then had a really cool workshop and got a chance to make a scarab beetle amulet. These amulets were important to Egyptians and symbolised transformation and protection.  It was really interesting and different. After as a treat, Ms. Peacock, Ms. Weir and Will brought us to the Dead Zoo. In there we saw all different animals like sharks, a Tasmanian devil, puffins, seagulls, crabs, gorillas, African tigers, Indian elephants, a rhino and hippos. There were lots of other animals too.  We also met Ms. Peacock’s auntie Ann who was also on display!

We then had lunch in Merrion Square Park. After, we went to the playground beside it. It was really fun! Then we got the bus home and it dropped us right outside the school. We were so good that Ms. Peacock gave us no homework and we watched The Prince of Egypt. It was the best day ever!!

By Eoin Marlow, Jordan Kirwan and Evan Mc Donnell

Room 8