We were really lucky this year and Miss Peacock let us have a Halloween fun day! We had lots of fun and check out some of the things we did.

In the morning, we did an experiment called The Puking Pumpkin. It was really cool. We carved out a pumpkin, and then we got our ingredients to make him bubble over and puke. We made a mixture of soap, food colouring, water and baking powder. Then we slowly added vinegar and the pumpkin began to puke!!

During the week, we learned about Halloween traditions. We all loved the idea of making candy apples. So we made some of the best and chocolatey apples ever!!

After yard, we then got a chance to party. We all changed into our costumes, had a dance off in the classroom and watched Hocus Pocus. It was the best day ever!!

Check out some of the pictures from our fun day

By Eoin and Alex Mc