I am reading a David Walliams book. He is my favourite author. I read seven of his books already. I think you should read them too. If you’re interested in funny books you should read books by David. At the moment I am reading “The Worlds Worst Children 3”. I think it is very funny.

There is a chapter called the Terrible Triplets. When they were born they were mean to their Mother. They ate there cribs. When they went to school ate books when it was story time. When it was P.E threw a hard football at P.E teacher. They ate footballs. When they got older they ate snots earwax belly button fluff.  One day there mother said if you eat too much snots earwax belly button fluff you turn into one. But they didn’t listen. On Monday they woke up they were getting ready for school one started to laugh then another started laugh the last one started to laugh. They said you look like a snot well you look like earwax and the other one said you look like belly button fluff.

There is another chapter called Tandy’s Tantrums. Most tantrums are from toddlers and babies but not from an 11 year old child. Tandy’s tantrums are the loudest tantrums in the world. It is easy to set Tandy off. Like not giving her ice-cream. Or giving her green stuff. Tandy can knock down a church since she is so loud. One day Dad was walking to work some people were wearing soundproof headphones. So Dad had an idea. He bought two pairs of soundproof headphones. When they put them on they could not hear anything. Tandy was mad so she kept screaming her head off but it did not work. So the parents move away as fare as they could.

I would recommend that you read these books.  They’re very funny!!! I would give 100/100

By Ross Rm 5