This story is about a girl named Elsie who finds a mammoth

Elsie brought a mammoth back to life by touching it’s heart. She used a pickaxe to break him out of the ice. Once the mammoth came out it was angry because they didn’t get him out in time.  A professor told Elsie to hand over the mammoth or he would shoot her with a pistol. Someone with a hot air balloon broke through the window and the hot air balloon fell on the professor. The professor got out in time and said stop right there. He told them to hand over the mammoth. This time they did. The mammoth smacked the professor and they ran up on the roof but the police officers were there and they threatened to shoot if they didn’t get down in 10 seconds. They then went back down the stairs. They found the professor there with the pistol in his hand. Later a big surprise came and they jumped off the roof. But they survived and went to the royal hospital to find a soldier and his name Sergeant Major. They got caught and were taken to a ship. The mammoth got stuck in ice when they tried to jump off. They got the mammoth out and escaped. Elsie and the other lady rant once way and the mammoth ran the opposite way.

My favourite chapter was when they jumped off the roof. I liked the book and would recommend it to others. I give it a 10/10. If you like funny books this is for you. I liked this book so much that I started reading another David Walliams book straight away.

By Ross. Room 5

Third Class