This book is called The Hardy Boys. This book was written in the USA in 1979. It was written by Franklin W. Dixon. It is a book about two brothers and their dad who were detectives and this time their mystery was about werewolves.

The Hardy Boys and a couple of other teenagers get attacked by an wolf-looking creature that looked very scary. Before they got attacked they were eating some delicious pizza in a restaurant. This is my favourite part because the wolf creature wasn’t a real wolf but it was epic. After the glowing creature went away they went out hunting for it. In the woods they found a silver strand from another creature. I thought there were two wolves when I read this part. After I read this part I wanted to keep reading. In the book I found a new character called John Tabor so I read on. This character was well-written because…he could hear ghosts and that was amazing!!! The main characters were Joe and Frank. They are really into mysteries. I love this book because I’m in to mysteries too. I recommend this book to people who really like mysteries.

By Nathan Room 5