In room 2 we won the Golden Boot. It is an award for winning the Walk on Wednesday competition. Every week the Green schools boys go to the top of the class and check how everybody got to school. Some boys walk, cycle, park and stride, take the bus or the luas, carpool or just take the car. In our class we did a lot of cycling this week and that is why we won.

Walk on Wednesday encourages people to walk to school more. We do it because if you go in the car it pollutes the air. We are trying to get our seventh green schools flag for saving energy. Walking to school is good for your body because you are getting exercise when you are doing it.

Tips for winning Walk on Wednesday

If you can, try not to drive to school.

Cycle lots because it’s fast and fun.

If you live far away you can park somewhere and walk the rest of the way.


By James and Keegan