13 story tree-house and the 104 story tree-house are about two boys (Terry and Andy). They’re best friends. They like going on crazy adventures around their tree-house. The books are written by Andy Griffiths

THE 13-STOREY TREE-HOUSE. The magnificent tree house was hand made by these two boys. They have a friend (Jill) loves animals and pets during the story the besties transform her pet cat into a catnary this name they made up the name but the catnary looked like a small tiger with black stripes and a ginger fur. At the end of the story after going through the portals they must get the books they wrote and get them to their boss (Mr. big nose) who publishes the books for them. My favourite character was terry. Because he is very funny, he would always goof up things when meant to do them right. I rate this story 10/10 because it was a fun to read entertaining story.

THE 104-STOREY TREE-HOUSE.  This one is about the two boys that want a great pencil called the joke writer 2000. They had €1,999,999.99 but they needed 2 million euro. So terry had to try and pull one of his teeth out to get the last one cent throughout the story. They do the same as the last one and write a book for Mr. Big nose to publish and after all the adventures they finally get the story they wrote to their boss. My favourite character was Terry for the same reason as the last he was funny and a bit dumb. I rate this story a 10/10 because it was really funny while I was reading it.

By Harvey Room 4

Second Class