On January 24th, the 2nd class boys in Room 3 decided to launch their book called ‘Our Superhero Chronicle’. The book had a large variety of stories and each boy drew a picture to go with their story they had written. For the launch, parents and guardians were invited to come and were given some tea and coffee.

The boys worked on their own individual stories for weeks and the end product was well worth it with an array of colours and pictures and not forgetting the stories themselves.

After the launch I interviewed two boys about the book:


Q: Did you find it difficult to write your story?

A: Yes, it was hard but everyone also found it enjoyable.


Q: How long did it take to write your story?

A: It took two weeks and a lot of hard work.


Q: Do you think your English improved while making the book?

A: Yes, I think my handwriting got better especially.


Q: Would you do this again if you got the chance?

A: I think most people in the class would like to if they got chance again.


And finally after all the boys hard work the book launch will hopefully spark the careers of many young future authors.


By Seán