On Thursday we went to Drimnagh Castle. We had an unforgettable time. We walked from the primary to the secondary. We saw all of the features in the Castle. We got a tour guide and their names were Ciaran and Denise. They were very nice and they told us a lot of interesting facts. One of them was the castle was rebuilt seven times. When you walk into the servant’s room if you look up you would see the Murder Hole. They would drop things on your head if you tried to break in.





Drimnagh Castle has a moat. It is also the only working moat left in all of Ireland. The last people that owned the castle were the Christian Brothers. We would recommend you go there because of the Christmas and Halloween parties. The people that have not gone should go. You can check it out on Twitter page @drimnaghhistory.


By Alex F and Ronan K