In room 3 we are learning about birds. They get really hungry in winter because there is less food. They eat berries, little insects and worms and because the weather is cold it is hard to find them. We made bird feeders to put in our gardens. We reused the bottles that our water came in. Reusing things is good for the environment. Teacher made a small slit that a lolly pop stick goes through. This is for the bird to stand on when it is eating the food. Then we cut a hole in the top of the bottle and we put a sting through it so that we could hang it in our garden. Then we put more holes in it so that the birds can eat the food. They can peck their beaks through the holes and eat the cereal. We took off the lid of the bottle and put in the cereal. at the end of the day we brought them home to hang in our gardens.

We hope that the birds eat the food and enjoy it.

By Daniel M and John

Room 3