In Room 8 we have been writing some spooky Halloween stories. Here are some examples of Halloween stories from Leo, Jack and Jacob.

Halloween Story:

On Halloween night it was spooky with fireworks lighting off into the sky. Ghost flying around the town.  There was two boys going trick or treating and they knocked on a haunted house in the woods. The door slammed open and nobody was there. The two boys walked inside, there was blood everywhere then one boy saw a shadow. He stepped back putting his hand on his friend but it was just little boy.

He said he was lost in the haunted house for 11 years. They asked who lived in the haunted house. The boy said the person right behind you.  Then someone touched them on the shoulder and it was a clown. The clown chased them out and Daylight came and the clown died.

They lived happily ever after.

By Jacob