In room 4 we have been very busy getting into the Christmas Spirit! We put up our tree! Dexter put the star to the tree.

We made snow globes from recycled materials. There were a lot of steps to make our snow globes. Firstly we drew some Christmas decorations to put into the globe. We then stuck our decorations and a picture of ourselves to the inside of the recycled plastic bowl.

Ms. Keane cut the bases and stuck some fake snow to the bottom. We then added some recycled white beads for the snow in our globe.

We then used tape (we needed lots of tape to make sure the beads didn’t fall out) to stick the bowl to our base and added a nice colourful bow as the final touch. Here are some of the finished products.


We wrote some acrostic winter poems. Here is an example of two we made up as a whole class.



















We have also been learning all about emperor penguins, at the moment we are completing our project on penguins and have been doing some fun pengu


Here is Patrick, Noah, Justin and Ivan showing their finished penguin projects.