In Winter there is not much food for the birds. We thought about bringing out bread but that is not good for them so we wanted to feed them something healthy instead. We made bird feeders out of string and cheerios. Some people used pipe cleaners instead of string because it was hard to get the cheerios on to the string. The string kept falling and the cheerios kept falling off. Some people had a struggle putting them on.

If you want to make a bird feeder at home this is what you do.

1.Get all the things you need. String or pipe cleaners, a pencil and cheerios or other cereal that is in circles.

2. Get your string and your cheerios and put the string through the holes in the cheerios.

3. If you find it hard to use the string you can use a pencil to help put the string through the hole.

4. When you put on lots of cheerios you tie a knot in the string so that it doesn’t fall off the tree.

5. Find the perfect tree and hang up the bird feeder as high as you can so the birds can see it.

6. Look out for birds and don’t scare them away.

Some boys got hungry making the bird feeders and ate some cheerios.

When we were learning about the birds we made robins out of paper plates, scraps of red paper and paint. We used orange paper for the beak and we stuck on googly eyes to make it look real. Then we used the orange paper again at the end to put the legs on it. We learned some facts about robins. Their nick-name is the robin red breast and we heard a story about how the robin got its red feathers. Robins are territorial. That means that if another robin comes near they puff up their feathers and sing really loud to tell them to go away. Robins are also gardeners friends because when you work in the garden they follow you around. Some people leave out boxes of wood for robins to live in.

By Harry and Tadhg

Room 2