This year our school took part in an Erasmus programme with schools from Italy, Sweden and Wales. This programme started in September this year and will last at least 3 years. Erasmus is when schools from different countries link up together and send teachers abroad to the other schools. While the teachers are over there they learn as much or maybe more than they teach. Four teachers from our school were chosen to travel to Wales as part of the Erasmus programme. These teachers were Ms Byrne, Ms Sweeney, Mr Toher and Mr Conaghan. We are the only school from Ireland who took part in this programme. There were two schools from Wales, one from Italy and one from Sweden involved. The other countries sent teachers to Wales as well. The school in Italy is the biggest.

I was speaking to Ms Sweeney and she told me that the trip was very interesting and she particularly enjoyed learning about numeracy and using it in ICT. Ms Sweeney also told me that they learned about skyping the schools using Microsoft 365 and connecting with boys from the other schools. The teachers then learnt how to create iMovies and videos and how to share them through e-Twinning.

When I was speaking to Mr Conaghan, he told me how the Erasmus programme started. He told me that we were previously involved in a Comenius programme and were linked with one of the same schools. A Comenius programme is very similar to Erasmus. Mr Conaghan also said that he really enjoyed the trip and was very impressed by the way the Welsh pupils were fluent in both Welsh and English.

By Alex.