As you probably know in our school we are very competitive and love getting fit.

This month we have been doing Beat the Street! The idea of Beat the Street is to get us exercising while having fun. We got our own fobs which come with a map. If you lose it you can go to your local library and get a new one. On your map you can see beatboxes all over Dublin. You can win many prizes if you get lucky so the more you do it the higher chance you get. You get ten points for going from one beatbox to another.

I interviewed Ms. Sheridan, our green schools coordinator. I asked her about tips and tricks and a couple questions about Beat the Street. I began with how she thought Beat the Street would help children? She answered with, “I think Beat the Street will help by increasing enthusiasm in walking and children learn faster when enthusiastic.” My next question was where did she find out about Beat the Street? She instantly replied with “I was delivered a box from Dublin City Council containing fobs, maps, leaflets and cards”

I also interviewed Helena who is one of the people that work on Beat the Street. I asked her how will she take down the Beatboxes, she said “We have special people called Men In Vans who replace anything broken and every Beatbox has an Id”. My next question was when did you realise that you want do what you do she took a  deep breath and said “13 years ago in college I finished my masters in sports development and I realised kids should not always be in playing Xbox or such and should be out and about”. I also been itching to know about how many points on average does every school on a every day she took a bit to think about it but then she said “It really depends on if it’s a good day or if it is rainy but on average you get five-hundred points a day and it’s going higher”. My final question was is there any special tricks up your sleeves to get more points she excitedly said “Check out our social media accounts on twitter @BtsDublin and on facebook Beat the Street because sometimes certain Beatboxes have bonus points.

We have until November 4 to get as many points for our school!


By Jasper