The 5th class boys have written their own stories. each boy decided what he wanted his story to be about. They had to write them for homework every night for two weeks, just to get them done. Once they were done writing them the first time, they proof-read them then they re-wrote them. Once they’ve done this they proof-read it again and fixed any errors they found. The boys have the laptops for a week and a half to get there stories typed out. This was the most important bit because it was the last time to read and fix anything wrong. When everyone was  done typing and it was all corrected, they got a letter from Ms. Timbs asking for the parents permission to send the stories to a website called They are going to publish a book with all the stories that the boys from different classes wrote. If they want to buy them it only costs ten Euro for about 85 or 90 stories all in one book. This activity took about three weeks to finally be done with all the stories. Most of the boys who signed the note and brought in their money are expecting their book to get here very soon.


By Ronan.