Dear Parents,

Drimnagh Castle Primary School, or ‘The Castle’ as we all refer to it, is an all boys senior school in the trusteeship of E.R.S.T., (Edmund Rice School Trust).

I have been principal here since 2002 when the school went lay after 45 years of Christian Brother education.

I am very proud of the work we do here in this school. We have a wonderful, dedicated staff who give so much of their own time and expertise to the students. The boys themselves are encouraged to be hard working, respectful, friendly, healthy and to ‘have a bit of fun’ ! In these areas it is safe to say, we succeed.

This school has a long tradition, (1957), of serving the communities of Walkinstown, Drimnagh, Crumlin and the surrounding areas.

We are in the middle of a south Dublin education chain; the boys start in the Assumption Junior School just across the Long Mile Rd., pass through here and finish in the secondary school of Meánscoil Rís which adjoins our own campus. Many of our past pupils then return as parents themselves or in other guises to share their career experiences with former staff, etc.

As we look to the future I expect that the School will be an energetic, vibrant and welcoming place where everybody is free to develop into a unique, rounded individual. There are no barriers here and people of all backrounds are catered for. We are confident that pupils, parents, teachers, staff and board members will always seek to keep our proud history and tradition alive and well.

Be with us on the journey.

A Thuismitheoraí,

My name is Brendan Gillespie, Deputy Principal of Drimnagh Castle Primary School.  I work closely with the Principal, Mr Duffy and all the staff to ensure that the children in our care receive the best possible educational experience during their time with us.

In our school we are fortunate to have a team of talented and dedicated teachers and SNAs who spare no effort in supporting our pupils both academically and pastorally. All members of our school community are respectful of each other and this is reflected in the positive and happy atmosphere which prevails in our school.

Inclusion takes pride of place in Drimnagh Castle and we are very proud of our SEN team. There is a whole school philosophy of inclusion and a holistic approach ensures a caring atmosphere and learning environment for all pupils.

There is a strong sporting tradition in our school with hurling, gaelic football, handball and athletics to the fore, while cricket and boxing have been introduced in recent years. All children are encouraged to join local sports clubs and to take part in our school leagues. These activities promote a healthy lifestyle which is further enhanced by a healthy eating policy which operates schoolwide.

An attractive and educational feature of the school is our garden. All classes are encouraged to grow a range of fruit, vegetables and shrubs which involves pupils planting, watering, weeding and harvesting the produce. The pupils are also actively engaged in the general upkeep of the garden.

Please ensure to check our website regularly for our latest news and notices of upcoming events.

Le meas agus dea-mhéin,